Children's Dentistry

Childrens Dentistry in Mira Mesa 

Caring for Your Children

Your children will feel comfortable in Dr. Marino's care as she delivers their treatment with thoughtfulness and compassion. She uses the latest technologies that allow for less time in the dental chair. We teach proper brushing and flossing and the importance of good daily hygiene to keep teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. We enjoy all their visits, starting when they get their first tooth and every year thereafter as they grow and change.

We want all generations of children to have no fear of dental treatment. Our office is a happy place to visit, and children sense that we are here to help them. Our parents have been pleased that we are able to relieve fear in children so they enjoy their visits.

A Dentist Helps to Keep Children HealthyScripps Ranch Childrens Dentistry

Children's teeth are more susceptible to cavities for a variety of reasons. It is our goal to help them keep their teeth cavity free by identifying the factors that bring on cavities.

Often young children do not brush well. We encourage parents to help them develop good daily hygiene. Teeth that are not as clean as they should be are more prone to cavities due to increased acid production and therefore exposure. Once decay begins, any amount of damage is permanent and requires a restoration.

As children eat more often throughout the day (grazing), the rate and number of cavities that develop will increase. But with more nutritious food choices, improved daily care, and an application of a dental sealant, the occurrence of cavities can be minimized.

Dental Sealants as a Preventive MeasureChildrens Dentistry near Scripps Ranch

Children are not always careful in taking care of their teeth. As their teeth are more prone to cavities to begin with, a preventive application of a dental sealant is highly recommended to reduce the chances of cavities. It is a very easy treatment that takes just minutes.

First the teeth are sterilized. Next, a clear or white coating of the sealant is applied. It is invisible and bonded with a curing light. And that's the whole procedure! No shots or drilling are necessary, and the entire natural tooth structure remains intact.

It is very effective in helping both children and adolescents keep their teeth cavity free during the early stages of their lives.

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at (858) 578-0800 to schedule a visit for everyone.